by Denise

Denise Fenzi is is a prolific writer with eight published books. All of her books are available-for-sale on her website, The Dog Athlete, and through Amazon.

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Dog Sports Skills Book 1: Developing Engagement & Relationship

Cost: $24.00

Dog Sports Skills Book 2: Motivation

Cost: $24.00

Dog Sports Skills Book 3: Play

Cost: $27.00

Dog Sports Skills Book 4: Focus and Engage!

Cost: $27.95

Beyond the Back Yard: Train Your Dog to Listen Anytime, Anywhere!

Cost: $19.00

Beyond the Basics: Unlock Your Dog's Behavior

Cost: $19.00

Blogger Dog, Brito!

Cost: $7.00

Train the Dog in Front of You

Cost: $19.50

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Training: Open middles or tight edges?

You are preparing your dog for competition, and you are at the point where you take your dog to novel places to practice. If you do obedience or rally, that includes jumps, signs, etc.  For agility, you've packed up a few jumps and a travel board and whatever else you...

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What is trial readiness?

When I say a dog is "trial ready"  I mean that he is fully prepared to compete and has a good chance of being successful at a real event. That means that my dog is comfortable in crowds, can handle the pressure of the competition ring, and is not relying on classic...

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Dogs shows are for…who?

Training dogs is fun. Obviously I like training dogs or one hopes I would have found a different direction in life.  And I'd like to believe that my dogs think training is fun too. Indeed, I go to a good deal of effort to make it fun for them. So how about dog shows...

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