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Reactive dogs in Mexico

This is a rather poorly named post because there were no reactive dogs in Mexico. Not one. Not one snark. Not one growl. Not one lunge.   Moreover, the dogs at the conference where I taught looked perfectly happy and relaxed. So many new friends to play with!  All...

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Wait. I’m not the perfect trainer?

I got the following response to a recent blog: "I'm pretty sure I've heard YOU use No Reward Markers in your training." I have no idea how to respond to that. You should see what I do when a squirrel cuts across the front of my house and all three dogs go careening...

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To reinforce or not to reinforce, that is the question

Today I was reviewing a video for one of my online classes. The student was aware of three specific criteria to be met before she would reinforce with a cookie.  Everything was going great! And then, right in the middle of her training session, her cat walked through....

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