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Structure your learner for success

Before you teach, you need to create a plan that will allow for a successful teaching situation. When your learner is engaged and happy and wants to be with you, training is easy. It only takes a few minutes to communicate new ideas effectively if the learner is...

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Is Leadership taken or given?

Some super interesting questions emerged after I wrote my last blog on "What is Leadership." Let's start with this one: Does the leader take control or does the follower give control?  I see this as a chicken or egg situation, so let's take a look at it. When a...

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Understanding Leadership

How does one define leadership? I have tried, with limited success, to come up with a workable definition. It's sort of like talking about love… What is love? How does one define it? What does it look like? Tricky. Here's my best stab at defining leadership. ...

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