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Dice is eight months old

I'm having a blast training this dog!  He's full-on teenager right now and not the easiest to manage but he's a hard worker and a whole lot of fun! Plus he's handsome.  Here, you can see for yourself:  

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Socialization in the world of COVID

With many of us staying home these days, many people have considered getting a puppy. Of course, the very first question that comes to mind is, “How will I socialize them?  Will they become shy or aggressive if they are unable to directly interact with strangers?” I...

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Progress via complexity

I often talk about adding "complexity" to training.  When I say complexity, I mean adding something, anything, that is a little bit different or new than what you did the last time you worked with your dog. In heeling that could be going a few steps further, placing a...

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