WEBINAR | Denise Fenzi’s Circle Method for Basic Reactivity and Over Arousal

This webinar is intended to provide advice, interventions, and skills for individuals working with reactive or overexcited dogs. “The circle method of Loose Leash Walking” will be used to help the behavior and emotional state of reactive and over-aroused dogs by allowing them to adjust to their environment, reconnect with their handlers, and become more emotionally comfortable in the presence of specific triggers. The method can be used regardless of food interest and does not require elaborate set-ups.

The information presented in this webinar will build upon the foundation webinar, “The Fenzi Method: Cutting Corners to Loose Leash Walking” (often called the Circle method of loose leash walking), and will assume prerequisite knowledge of that material. To help individuals who are not familiar with that webinar it is available for purchase as a webinar recording at this time. Please see the description below.

This webinar assumes professional or amateur trainers who can assimilate the information with a preexisting basic working knowledge of dog behavior, reactivity and over-aroused behavior.


Nov 16 2023


6:00 pm



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