Class | FE101: Relationship Building Through Play

For some people – and dogs – play comes naturally. But did you know that good play is more than simply WANTING to interact with your dog? Good play requires the ability to engage with your canine companion on a level that taps into his natural interests, and this ability is one part art and one part mechanical skills. This class will teach you both of these elements.

We’ll discuss the correct presentation of toys, learning how to make cookies into an event, and understanding how to interact with your dog in the way that he likes best. It takes time and effort to learn your dog, to know what to do, when to do it, and when to STOP doing it. Taking this time is well worth the effort because the end result will be a dog who naturally looks to you for both direction and entertainment.

This class will introduce one form of play at a time. With over 70 videos featuring a variety of breeds, sizes of dogs, and handlers, you’re sure to find the information you need to form a fun and satisfying play relationship with your individual dog!

This class will have Teaching Assistants available in the Facebook discussion group to help the bronze and silver students with assistance! Directions for joining can be found in the classroom after you register.


Oct 01 2018 - Nov 14 2018


$65 bronze; $130 Silver; $260 Gold

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