CONFERENCE | Calming Games for High Arousal

Denise will be presenting at the Dogs with Big Feelings! Seminar – a one day online event through FDSA.

You love your dog’s enthusiasm for the reinforcer but you don’t love the frantic ball of fur energy that comes out in its presence. You love your dog’s drive for work but sometimes you wish she took a day off once in a while. You love to train your dog at home but when you go out, it’s as if the whole world is a trigger for high arousal.

Sound familiar?

Easily aroused dogs are awesome dogs with fantastic working capacity but sometimes we wish they could self-regulate better. Self regulation is necessary to live peacefully in our world, and if you have goals for competition, they are essential in order to perform with a clear head. Plus, it’s kinder to the dog. Who wants to exist in a state of overarousal all the time?”

So what can you do? You can learn to provide appropriate outlets for that energy, and give your dog the tools they need to relax (or escalate) their arousal as appropriate. Here’s where Calming Games for High Arousal come in! We hope you’ll join Denise Fenzi for this webinar to find out about the skills and games you can play with your dog to raise and lower arousal. An essential skill for both life and sports!


Jul 16 2022


2:00 pm

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