WEBINAR | Developing a Confident Team: Re-Defining Leadership for Dog Sports and Life

Date: Thursday, March 23, 2023
Time: 3pm Pacific Time
Fee: $19.95 – Registration required PRIOR to scheduled presentation time.

Are you a leader? Leaders know when to provide a “sure path” to success for their dogs and do not allow them to flounder in uncertainty or emotional distress. Leaders are engaged with their dog’s well being; sincerely praising good choices and intervening quickly when bad choices are highly likely! Developing your skills of leadership will improve your training, carry over into competition, and gives your dog direction in the face of emotional distress. Leadership will give your dog confidence in you, which in turn allows them to develop confidence in themselves. Best of all, you can learn to be a leader!


Mar 23 2023


3:00 pm



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  1. Ann Chinnock

    Hi Denise, I am really interested in your webinar Developing a confident team. Is it only available on February 20th? I don’t work on that night, so I’m sure I can make it. I haven’t participated in a webinar and am not sure how it works.

    I am also very interested in the workshop you had on February 2 about Engagement/Disengagement. Is there a workshop video that is available since the date has already passed?

    Thanks for you responses. I look forward to joining the webinar on Feb 20th. Ann C.

    • Denise Fenzi

      Hi Ann,

      This is the link for webinars – you can read about what is coming up and the link near the top has a FAQ link – that will answer your questions. Yes, that is the night this one is offered if you want to attend live – otherwise it stays in your FDSA webinar library for at least a year.

      You can still purchase the disengagement webinar at this link and watch it at your leisure:


      Welcome to FDSA :).


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