SEMINAR: FDSA Bootcamp in Black Mountain, NC

A core of FDSA instructors worked together to identify weak spots that we have observed in our classes and seminars, and set about to create a curriculum to address them. The result is an intensive seminar focused on good training.

That means rather than being sport-specific, the seminars are applicable to anyone who teaches others or who wants to compete in their chosen sport.

Bootcamp topics and exercises will center around:

  • Evaluating and training your dog as an individual
  • Maintaining emotional comfort via handler decision making: Does your dog need choice or structure?
  • Moving through working spaces to maintain connection and comfort
  • Determining readiness to work and addressing a dog that is NOT ready – now what??!!
  • Handling disengagement
  • Developing training excellence: reinforcement, timing, setting, mechanics, maintaining and raising criteria
  • Evaluating, planning and changing your training sessions
  • Handling errors
  • Just do it: creating behavior chains, proofing, generalization, progress!
  • Your 30-day plan

When you register you get 4 hours of video lecture to review in advance, and then you join us live for a 2-day in-person seminar in Black Mountain, NC. To register for a working spot students should have taken at least 4 FDSA classes or workshops.


Feb 15 2020 - Feb 16 2020


All of the day


Working spot: $399; Audit: $199

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The Loose Leash Academy
Black Mountain, NC

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