WEBINAR | Acclimation and Engagement 2.0: From Training to Competition

Do you feel like you’re working hard to make training exciting while your dog gives nothing back? Do you fight to keep your dog’s attention when you’re not holding a cookie or dangling a toy? Have you been told that you need to be “more exciting”?

If this sounds familiar, then your team needs Engagement training; a process that transfers responsibility for the start of work from the human to the dog. Now, instead of talking your dog into working with you, your dog will talk you into working with him; no visible food or toys required! The solution to a distracted dog is NOT to be more exciting; it’s to change the power dynamic to one where the dog understands that work is a privilege! Once you have worked with a fully engaged dog, you’ll never go back to bribing or cajoling again.

While this webinar will be similar to Denise’s prior Engagement webinar (and the class she taught by the same name), she will introduce additional steps and concepts that will be useful for dogs that need more structure along with a plan for the advanced steps of Engagement. The goal is to create a trial ready canine partner who will not explore the competition space before being asked to work there.


Apr 20 2023 - Apr 25 2023


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