WEBINAR | Can’t Touch This! Setting your “leave-it” to auto pilot

Imagine this…you’re walking along, and suddenly your dog is at your side, staring at you. You look around and you see why….chicken bones on the ground, squirrels playing near the path or that ever-so-tempting pile of horse poop! A solid “Leave-it” cue is cool but an automatic leave-it is way better!

This webinar is all about just that. Starting with no cue at all, Denise will walk you through the steps of developing a strong leave-it! First you’ll teach a traditional cue and next you’ll work towards an automatic response to attractive options in the environment. How cool is that?! Along for the ride is a leave-it for the food refusal exercise found in a variety of dog sports. Join Denise and find your walks become a lot more relaxing as your dog takes responsibility for leaving stuff where it belongs – in the environment!


Mar 23 2023


6:00 pm

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