Webinar: Heeling Games!

Lack of motivation in heeling is one of the prime reasons that people give up on the sports of obedience and rally. Rather than seeing heeling as a dynamic, intense interaction between partners, heeling is often seen as a drudgery that must be endured as part of general training.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Done well, heeling is an intense, exciting dance between engaged partners requiring absolute concentration and energy. When heeling is practiced as a series of specific behaviors – left turns, right turns, change of pace, etc. – the dance is lost. This webinar will teach you how to practice heeling as a game – with the end result that your performance will be sharper, more interesting, and with much-improved focus and endurance.

This webinar will help participants learn to create excitement and interest in heel work with their dogs, rather than focusing on the actual skill of heeling.  By increasing their attractiveness as a heeling partner, external reward schedules can be decreased at the same time that natural attention is being developed.

Denise will introduce a wide variety of games and game combinations to increase your dog’s involvement in heeling through movement, appropriate reward placement, developing rhythm, making the expected unexpected, and more!

Note:  This webinar will work with several of the games that are taught in Denise’s Self Study Course, “Heeling Games.”  If you want more games and depth of information, then select the self-study course.  If you want a fast-paced webinar with an opportunity to ask questions, then select this webinar opportunity.



Jul 05 2018


6 - 8pm, Pacific Time
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


$19.95 copy of webinar will be in your library for one year

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