WEBINAR | High Drive Dogs: When the Abnormal is Absolutely Normal

What could possibly be desirable about a dog who hangs off your pants for hours a day? Whatever could be making your client beam with pride as they discuss these behaviors? And why on earth would anyone breed these qualities into their dogs on purpose?! Dogs bred for the protection sports and working applications are notably different from more typical pet dogs.

This talk will help you understand the terminology used by the working dog community, explore the specific behavior traits that they find desirable, and, hopefully, help you come to understand their perspective so that you can better work with these dogs and clients in the future. By the end of the talk, Denise hopes that you will share her appreciation for dogs who appear, by all accounts, to be absolutely abnormal, when in fact they are exhibiting the height of desirable behavior.


Jun 24 2021


6:00 pm



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