WEBINAR | Play with Your Food: Food Games that Build a Go…and a Stop!

This webinar is all about using food to build your dog’s enthusiasm while also incorporating control, cooperation, and engagement; how’s that for a good deal?! Denise will dive into how to use food for maximum impact, depending on the needs and preferences of your canine partner. She’ll introduce various games that get dogs moving; pick which ones you like best! And at each step of the way we’ll also consider control through cooperation; how to insert yourself into the equation so that your dog recognizes that without a partner, there is no game. You – you’re the partner, and you’re a crucial player! Whether you’re a pet owner, professional trainer or a dog sports enthusiast, you will come away from this webinar with an expanded skill set and a renewed enthusiasm for training your dog, regardless of their temperament or the goals you have for your team. Register now and get ready to take your dog’s training to the next level!


Apr 18 2024

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