WEBINAR: Puppy Socialization!

Most of us recognize that socialization is critical to raising a confident and well adjusted dog; now let’s consider how we might make the best use of this limited window of time. Let’s ask questions!

Should our puppies interact freely with anything they want? Does your puppy need to interact with a new person to be socialized to them? How might we incorporate food or toys into the socialization process, if at all? How might we handle bad situations when they arise? And those puppy socialization classes with free play; are those worth looking into?

And even more! Where does training fit into the socialization period? Should we train in a variety of new environments and if so, when do we switch from socialization to training? And while we’re discussing it…what is the line between training and socialization anyway?

How about performance dogs; how might their socialization period be structured differently from a dog destined to be a well loved pet, therapy dog or hiking partner? Is there such a thing as too much socialization? So many questions to ask! Join Denise Fenzi and consider socialization from a different point of view….this is your chance to explore these issues, plus a few more!


Aug 23 2018


Time is in PT
3:00 pm



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