Webinar | Staged to Engage: Pre-Engagement Strategies

Do you have a puppy or ‘new to you’ dog that you are hoping to train for competition?  Do you want to simplify future engagement training?  This webinar is all about your early decision making that will make formal engagement training easier when the time comes.   We will consider our “life” training choices and identify the trade-offs in areas like manners, impulse control, socialization, play, shaping training, etc.  We  will consider how we might want to play, raise and train our dogs, all with an eye to enhancing future engagement while avoiding common engagement training challenges. Within training, we will consider how and where we do our shaping, general training, etc, so that our dogs accept our offers of personal interaction and think to offer looking to us when they are unsure.  And finally, this webinar will take a look at issues of temperament and pre-engagement interaction; how does temperament create different risk points for different types of dogs, and how might that knowledge influence possible choices for your specific situation?


Apr 20 2023 - Apr 25 2023


3:00 pm

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  1. Karen Thomas

    I want to sign up for this seminar, not sure how to do it. Can you please send me a link?


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