WEBINAR | Touchy Heely: Contact Heeling for Ringsport, Behavior Work and Life!

“Contact heeling” means teaching your dog to maintain physical contact with your body while also allowing them the freedom to look around. You might be moving, standing still, sitting in a chair, or completing a task, and your dog will press against you to maintain contact! While originally trained for the Sports of French and Mondio Ring, this skill is useful in crowded environments, during training classes, or between working exercises…anywhere dogs frequently lose contact with their handler. In behavior work, contact heeling can allow both you and your dog to observe the environment while simultaneously retaining physical awareness of each other. So many uses!

Unlike precision heeling, there is no expectation of eye contact or a precise position at the handler’s side. Indeed, the dog can be taught to rotate all the way around the handler – the only criteria is continuous physical contact. As a result, contact heeling can be relaxing and enjoyable for both parties.

Sound useful? It is! Join Denise Fenzi and learn how she teaches contact heeling, along with a discussion of the varied ways she uses this skill in both training and in daily life.


Sep 08 2022


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  1. Ann Braue

    Please do another webinar on contact heeling. I just did the Loose leash walking webinar. Would I have access to the previous contact heeling webinar? Is it possible to buy it? If not please do another!


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