WEBINAR | Whistle Recall: Creating a Fast and Furious Return to Handler

If you want to see the dust fly when you need your dog to come back RIGHT NOW, then you need this webinar. No matter what your dog currently sees, smells or is in the process of attempting to catch, you CAN get a fast and furious return to you – the handler – simply because you called!

This webinar will teach you how to condition your dog to recall under the most arousing and challenging circumstances – right from the start! By creating a powerful association between the sound of the whistle and your behavior, your dog will come back to you reflexively, without even thinking about it, simply because you called! And don’t worry, you don’t HAVE to use a whistle – your voice will work fine as well.

Whether your want this recall for dog sports or life, the process is simple, fast, extremely effective and….fun!

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Dec 15 2022


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