When Opportunity Knocks: Real Life As Your Training Partner!

In this webinar, Denise will discuss how to use everyday situations as training opportunities, to help your team perform better in demanding and distracting dog sports environments. Denise will assist you in determining if a particular situation calls for distraction training (which trains the dog to focus on you rather than the environment) or behavior work (which helps the dog calm down their emotions). She will also go over the cost-benefit analysis of directing your dog’s arousal and environmental focus onto work – the conclusion is not straightforward!

This webinar is for you if your dog struggles with focus during competitions and you need to duplicate that arousal throughout training. This webinar is for you if your dog is okay responding to cues in one level of arousal, but fails to respond on trial day when they are experiencing a different level of arousal. This one’s for you if you’re unclear about the distinction between distraction training and behavior work. This webinar is for you if you’re pressed for time and find it impossible to regularly manage flawless training settings. This one is also for you if you’ve heard that it’s not a good idea to channel your dog’s emotions from the environment into the work. In short, this webinar will benefit anyone who competes in dog sports and who feels less than fully prepared for the distractions which will surely arise there.

Join Denise to receive practical guidance on improving your dog’s performance by using daily life as a prime training opportunity!


Feb 01 2024


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