WORKSHOP: Heeling Games for natural attention, animation and reduction of reinforcers!

Heeling is an amazing dance between engaged partners until….it’s not.

Heeling can be amazing. But too much emphasis on precision can quickly dull even the most enthusiastic dog’s love of the work, if the pressure of “being accurate” is not relieved by plenty of movement and fun.

What’s the solution?

Heeling Games! By incorporating games into your heeling, your dog has a reason to pay attention. Your dog has plenty of opportunity to leave heel position, free up some joy, and then come back – for another round! Heeling games takes advantage of the naturally reinforcing properties of movement to not only help cement understanding of the precision elements of heeling but also -to cement the joy! The desire to play this game with you! And at the end of the day, the easiest way to reduce reinforcers is to increase the dog’s love of the work – and this workshop is all about increasing the love :).

This workshop will introduce a variety of games to allow you and your dog to find that joy. The games are suitable for a variety of ages, all breeds and sizes of dogs, and with no prior heeling experience required.

Here we’ll be all about having fun and improving your formal work while you do it!


Oct 03 2021 - Oct 31 2021


Working spot: $39.95; Audit: $29.95

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