WORKSHOP: Precision Heeling

Do you have a goal of crisp and precise heeling, but you aren’t quite sure where to start? Or maybe you have a dog with established heeling that lacks precision? This workshop will show you how to create heel position, step-by-step, via the pocket hand method. If you master the steps presented, your dog will be able to find heel position, pivot left, pivot right, take a step or two forwards, backwards, and laterally, all without external props! It is neither expected nor likely that you will complete all of the steps within one week.

Denise will also touch on removing the cookies from your hand and eliminating the pocket hand target, but will not address distractions or longer stretches of heeling. This workshop is all about the basics; setting that fantastic foundation!


Video Lecture released: Wednesday, March 27

Student Video Review Session: Wednesday April 3 @ 6pm Pacific Time

Working video submissions are due by Monday, April 1 at 6pm Pacific Time


Mar 27 2019


Working - $39.95; Audit - $29.95

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