June 2021

WEBINAR | High Drive Dogs: When the Abnormal is Absolutely Normal

What could possibly be desirable about a dog who hangs off your pants for hours a day? Whatever could be making your client beam with pride as they discuss these behaviors? And why on earth would anyone breed these qualities into their dogs on purpose?! [read full description by clicking the button below] ...
24 Jun
6:00 pm
July 2021

WEBINAR | Calming Games for High Arousal

You love your dog's enthusiasm for the reinforcer but you don't love the frantic ball of fur energy that comes out in its presence. You love your dog's drive for work but sometimes you wish she took a day off once in a while. You love to train your dog at home but when you go out, it's as if the whole world is a trigger for high arousal. Sound familiar? ...
29 Jul
6:00 pm
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