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A thirty-five year veteran of training, competing, and titling in schutzhund, obedience, tracking, agility, conformation, and herding who has earned many awards along the way, Denise regularly teaches obedience for both the AKC ring and schutzhund field.  After opening the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy in 2013, she gave up private lessons and teaches exclusively through the school and the occasional seminar

In competition, Denise’s dogs routinely score in the high 190s in AKC obedience and high 90s in schutzhund obedience. Denise recently retired her dogs OTCH “Raika” Schh2 UDXTD and OTCH “Cisu” Schh3 FH UDX2TD.  Lyra and Brito are her young dogs who hope to compete at some point in the future.

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In your group is interested in hosting a seminar, send an e-mail to and I will provide you with options and information.  I am able to do one distance seminar  in the U.S. per month.  I can do a second seminar within the month if it’s close enough that travel time is not significant, for example, within California or Oregon.  Note:  DENISE IS NOT CURRENTLY ADDING NEW SEMINARS but exceptions will be made for Fenzi Academy students and alumni who agree to give priority seminar enrollment to current and former FDSA students.  please see her seminar schedule for currently scheduled options.

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