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Learn directly from Denise through her popular online classes, self-study options, and webinars, all available through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA).

Denise no longer offers seminars, however she does still present a few times a year, primarily at Fenzi Dog Sports Training Camp, also through FDSA.

Check out her upcoming FDSA training camp, webinars, and online classes below!

How Does it Work?

Online Classes

Denise’s guided online classes are offered through FDSA.  Each class is six weeks long and is comprised of written lecture, numerous videos, and active forums where you can watch your classmates progress with detailed instruction and feedback from Denise.  Note the registration dates!  Bronze level is $65


Webinars are a fantastic introduction to the world of online learning!  You will learn about a specific topic of you choice for approximately one to two hours, with plenty of time at the end for your questions.  A recording will be made available to you after the fact, so live attendance is NOT required. $19.95 each.

FDSA Training Camp

Held once a year and rotated through a variety of locations, Denise presents several sessions during camp where she provides hands on feedback to the participants.  A three day auditing spot is $235 per person.

Upcoming Classes, Events, and Webinars

October 2021

WORKSHOP: Heeling Games for natural attention, animation and reduction of reinforcers!

Heeling is an amazing dance between engaged partners's not. Heeling can be amazing. But too much emphasis on precision can quickly dull even the most enthusiastic dog's love of the work, if the pressure of "being accurate" is not relieved by plenty of movement and fun. What's the solution? Heeling Games! This workshop will introduce a variety of games to allow you and your dog to find that joy. The games are suitable for a variety of ages, all breeds and sizes of dogs, and with no prior heeling experience required. ...
03 Oct - 31 Oct
November 2021

WORKSHOP | Precision Heeling

Do you have a goal of crisp and precise heeling, but you aren't quite sure where to start? Or maybe you have a dog with established heeling that lacks precision? This workshop will show you how to create heel position, step-by-step, via the pocket hand method. If you master the steps presented, your dog will be able to find heel position, pivot left, pivot right, take a step or two forwards, backwards, and laterally, all without external props! It is neither expected nor likely that you will complete all of the steps within one week. Denise will also touch on removing the cookies from your hand and eliminating the pocket hand target, but will not address distractions or longer stretches of heeling. This workshop is all about the basics; setting that fantastic foundation! ...
14 Nov - 30 Nov
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Upcoming Classes, Events, and Webinars

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“No matter how you learn from Denise, you and your dog will be treated with kindness and respect.”

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