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Setting goals

I recently asked a few people to set some goals for themselves. And they did! Big, general, enthusiastic stretch goals! Lots of goals! All the goals! Does that sound like you? I don't do that. I don't like big goals. They overwhelm me. Depress me. Make me feel like...

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Ask me anything!

Yesterday I answered questions for two hours; people were told that they could ask me anything. And they did! If you'd like to take a look, click the following thread through to Reddit. Ask Me Anything with Denise Fenzi - LIVE from...

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Empathy and Behavior Change

Many years ago I sat in on a behavior consult with Trish King.  She spent 90 minutes listening to and supporting a very unhappy woman who wanted to talk about her long list of woes.  Honestly, I found her hard to take; I had this overwhelming urge to tell her to grow...

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