When I get a dog, it’s a well thought out decision.

I research the breed.  I research the breeders.  I research the parents, pedigree and puppy.  I do informal puppy testing and track the litter from birth.  It’s normally a multi year process.

This weekend I flew to a seminar in Texas and I came home with a puppy.   No, I didn’t want one.  No, I don’t know what kind of dog he is.  I know nothing about him except that he’s cute as could be, super happy and social, totally fun and looking for a home.  Instead of a multi year process this was a multi minute process.

How could I resist; he fits under the airplane seat?

Here’s what I know.  He’s been through several homes, through no fault of his own.  He’s small – maybe seven pounds at four or so months of age.  Probably a terrier/Chi mix.  He’s super happy and social and totally fun.

So I’m on my way home to deliver our new pet to the family.  Wish us luck!

Thanks to Paula Wier for fostering him until I could come along and realize he was supposed to be mine.