I know – I say that a lot.  Presumably because I feel strongly about it.

If you watch me train Raika, Lyra and Brito, you would see me make different decisions for each of them in what appear to be identical situations.  Why is that?

Because they are not identical situations from the dog’s point of view; they cannot be!  They are different dogs with different genetic packages and different life experiences.  So in each training situation, I will approach them as what they are – individuals!

I just turned this concept into a book.  It’s about considering the dog’s point of view so that you can be more successful in any dog sport.

I love this topic.  One could call it my “pet” topic because it provides an endless source of fodder for discussion.  Every time a new dog shows up, you get to start again.  Hopefully with a wiser foundation from which to build.

Want to learn more?

You can pre-order my latest book; it’s due to ship early December.  Just in time for Christmas gifts!  Then you can read, slowly, and probably with a highlighter.  One color for each dog in your house.

Or you can go a bit further and take an on-line class with me on this topic, starting December 1st.  In that class, we’ll take many of the lectures from the book, add case studies and exercises, and then consider 12 dogs – the ones in front of us – to find a route that works for each of them, with whatever their current life circumstances might be.  I did a short promotional video on this topic for those who prefer to think visually.

It’s a good class if you like to think a lot.  You’ll have lots of opportunities to think. And by the time Spring rolls around, you’ll be itching to get out and about so you can see if the plans that you have made for your dog are really holding up in the real world!

Tuition is $65 at bronze.  Plus, if you’re FDSA alumni, you can join the Alumni list on Facebook.  You want to join that group; some of the nicest and most supportive people hang out there!

And, before I forget to mention it, I’m teaching a second class this term; this one on Advanced Heeling.  So if you want to look at just about every heeling problem under the sun, and learn new ways to address them with lecture and video explanations, consider joining my Advanced Heeling class.

Hope to see you there.  Class starts December 1st!